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Cworks PLUS Trial 3.9

Quickly map and locate facilities, assets and critical hotspots using Google Map
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CWorks View meshes data retrieved from the maintenance management system with Google MapTM imagery to allow facility and plant managers visually pinpoint critical assets and failure hotspots in 'real-time'. Using CWorks View, a facility manager can quickly map and locate facilities, assets, and critical hotspots and significantly reduce response time to service these critical assets.
As a picture can speak a thousand words and we believe that CWorks View 'speaks a thousand words' to multi-site facility and plant managers as well. So much of maintenance management reporting is linear and one dimensional, CWorks View makes facility management three dimensional.
With the power of CWorks View and its use of Google MapsTM, managers can in real-time visually view buildings with critical pending work orders and identify their proximity to one another to facilitate efficient servicing. They can even choose a hybrid visual where major roadways are superimposed over actual images. This level of sophistication in operational intelligence is something unheard of in facility management.

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